15 Minutes with Daughters of Cambodia’s Leslie Sanazaro

College Femme

Author: Kristyn Potter  

“This project and these feelings about this issue have turned something on in me that hasn’t been there in awhile,” Sanazaro said.  “Personally and selfishly I hope, I hope this sadness in me is released from this record…however the real reason I am doing this is to get others involved and inspire the support of causes.”>>More>>



Leslie Sanazaro Returns with Daughters of Cambodia Tour and Album
Author: Annie Zaleski  

A planned break from writing music soon fell by the wayside; Sanazaro says she "was suddenly filled with a reason to write new music. While my heart still aches and I still spend a strong portion of each day in thought about the realities of human trafficking, I feel like I've come alive again working on this project.>>More>>


Three Musicians to Watch in 2011

The Beacon

Author: Terry Perkins  

At the end of a year, it’s become a tradition for entertainment writers to look back and select the best – and sometimes the worst – concerts, performances, recordings and events that took place during the previous 12 months.>>More>>



Review:  Leslie Sanazaro-On Your Roof

Wildy’s World

Author: Arthur Wildy  

Leslie Sanazaro is very hard to peg, musically. Vocally she sounds like a mix of Dolores O’Riordan, Tori Amos and Feist, all mixed up into one. Her voice is enigmatic, perhaps even iconic. It’s not a pretty voice, per se, but has a distinctly abstract beauty that can be in turns both charming and alarming.>>More>>


Leslie Sanazaro:  An upbeat profile of a songwriter and working musician

Dangerous Intersection

Author: Erich Vieth  

About one week ago, after receiving yet another mass-distributed e-mail, I decided to listen to Leslie’s music live at a local wine bar.  This time, I was part of a crowd of 100 people. Once again, I was impressed with the performance.  During her breaks, Leslie walked about the big room to greet those who had come to hear her play.  She knew many of the people by name and it was obvious that she had a loyal following of people who really appreciate her work. >>More>>


Homespun:  Leslie Sanazaro

Riverfront Times

Author: Christian Schaeffer  

Her voice is strong but reserved; luckily, she relies on lyrics and the Brill Building basics of song craft to make her points, and refrains from piano-pounding histrionics or octave-jumping oversinging. >>More>>


Local Motion:  Leslie Sanazaro

Riverfront Times

Author: Christian Schaeffer  

Last year she released Stars in the Attic, a disc that is relaxed, slightly jazzy and thoroughly adult. The temptation with young female piano players is to over-play and over-sing, and it is to Sanazaro's credit that she does neither on Stars. >>More>>